The Verzi family welcomes you to Ospitale, one of the oldest restaurants of Europe.

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To be able to tell the almost millennial history of the Osteria-Ospizio of Ospitale, we need to go back a long time, to around the 12th century. A document dated 1226, containing the consecration of the church of Ospitale – the oldest church of Cortina, which deserves a visit – states that the Ospizio was as a facility that had already existed for some time.

Ospitale witnessed the passage of many unknown people and numerous historical characters, of many 'vicende regoliere', of fights and disputes and also great historical battles. Robbed and set on fire many times, destroyed and bombed, it was always rebuilt thanks to the will of the Regola alta di Lareto. Transformed from ancient Ospizio for pilgrims and osteria for the wayfarers, to hotel welcoming the first tourists from abroad, Ospitale has maintained its charm throughout the centuries.

The history of this building is as unique as it is incredible. A beautiful book written by Luciano Cancider titled «Storia dell’Ospizio Osteria di Ospitale d’Ampezzo» tells us in detail the stories of the many people that stayed in Ospitale, as well as those of the people that ran it.

In front of the restaurant you can find the oldest church of Cortina dedicated to Saint Nicolaus, who was venerated in the alpine area as Protector of the Travellers.

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